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Homeopathic Treatment Fees:
Chronic Homeopathic Assessment: Patients with chronic disease and psychosomatic disorder will undergo a Chronic Homeopathic Assessment. This includes health history, case taking and assessment of disease and homeopathic analysis and evaluation of symptoms.
The total cost for the Chronic Homeopathic Assessment is $60.00

: Separate medication charges apply.

New Patients: Chronic Homeopathic Assessment usually applies to new patients, which approximately takes 60 minutes.

Homeopathic Follow-up Assessment: A Homeopathic Follow-up Assessment costs $30.00

: Separate medication charges apply.

Returning patients: Homeopathic Follow-up Assessment usually applies to our returning patients, which approximately takes 30 minutes.

Acute Homeopathic Assessment
New patients with an acute ailment like injuries, influenza, bronchitis and etc. will undergo Acute Homeopathic Assessment. The total cost is $30.00
Note: Separate medication charges apply.

To book appointments please feel free to contact us. No additional fee will be charged for missed appointments or late-notice cancellations. Homeopathy, like other medical services such as dentistry, is not an insured service under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

Charges for Homeopathic Medications:

At Maple Homeopathic Clinic, we offer medication based on weekly and monthly supply. The charges for medications are listed below:

· The total cost for one week supply of medication is $15.00

· The total cost for one month supply of medication is $50.00

Note: Medication charges will apply to new or old patients.