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We provide homeopathic treatment and homeopathic medications in Brampton and Mississauga locations. Book a free consultation to see if homeopathy can help you or your loved ones. Homeopathy is safe and effective for all ages ranging from infants to elderly.


We provide homeopathic medications ranging from mother tinctures to various potencies from top-quality branded companies like Dr. Reckeweg and Homeocan.​

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide best Homeopathic Treatment with thousands of satisfied customers in Brampton and Mississauga. We promise to deliver safe, effective, and affordable homeopathic care to you and your family and help with all your ailments.

Free Phone Consultation

If you are unsure that homeopathy can help you or your family with your ailments, you can book a quick five-minute consultation with our registered homeopath. He will answer your questions and provide you with a plan to healing.

Did you know?

Maple Homeopathic Centre also provides massage and physiotherapy services. Mayank Jani is not only a registered Homeopath but also a Registered Massage Therapist.

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High-Quality brands like St. Francis Mother Tinctures, Dr. Reckeweg R Series, BC Series, S Series and Homeocan Medications.
Welcome to

Maple Homeopathic Centre

We provide homeopathic treatment for many conditions and homeopathic medications from top-quality branded companies like Dr. Reckeweg and Homeocan.

Reasons To Choose Us

Effective & Safe

We only provide homeopathic treatment that is proven to be effective with approved and genuine German or Canadian medications. All Homeopathic medications have no side effects and are considered very safe to use than allopathy.

Flexible Schedule

We provide flexible hours from 10am-8pm and are open even on the weekends. Homeopathic free consult is available over the phone. You can book an appointment with our homeopath anytime and among any location.

Individualized Treatments

Mayank provides custom treatments based on a very detailed history that lasts one hour. He gets to know you at a personal level and chooses which medication will best suit you.

Experienced Homeopath

Mayank has been practicing homeopathy in India and Canada for over 30 years now. He has treat a vast amount of patients with great results and offers homeopathic treatments to all ages.

Meet Mayank Jani, HOM, RMT

Mayank Jani, Homeopath, Registered Massage Therapist

Mayank Jani, a homeopath serving in Brampton and Mississauga, holds an Indian Homeopathic Degree evaluated by the International Credential Assessment Service Canada (ICAS) as four years of Bachelors Degree from recognized university in Ontario. Having over twenty-two years of practice experience, he qualified  bachelor’s in Homeopathic Medicine at Sadar Patel University (A member of commonwealth University) and completed a one year rotating internship, with a strong emphasis on Mind-Body Interventions.

Mayank Specializes In


Mayank has treated many allergic conditions patients over the 30 years of his practice. He treats allergies to many things and conditions associated with them such as allergic rhinitis, allergic bronchitis, asthma, urticaria, and auto immune diseases.

Psychosomatic Problems

Mayank has treated many mental health conditions over the 30 years of his practice. He treats mind conditions like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobia, confusion, delirium, irritability and much more.

Children's Diseases

Mayank has helped many parents with their children's conditions over the 30 years of his practice. He treats children's conditions like bed wetting, tonsillitis, poor immune system, dermatitis, eczema, snoring, hyperactive child, and much more.

Skin Diseases

Mayank has treated many skin conditions patients over the 30 years of his practice and made them feel more proud about their self-image. He treats dermatological conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, vitiligo, acne, warts, fungus, lupus and many other skin conditions.

What Is Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that offers a holistic and individualized approach to your health. It utilizes dilute substances derived mainly from plants and mineral sources.

Homeopathic Success Stories

Mayank has bettered the lives of many of his clients and turned them healthier and happier. We have recorded some testimonials from some of his clients. See their story below.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have recorded some FAQ from some of our clients to help you. Topics include insurance, medications and more.

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