What Homeopathy Treats

Homeopathy Treats A Lot.

Homeopathy can help in almost all acute and chronic conditions. Homeopathy for seasonal allergies is very helpful. Homeopathy medicine for cough is also available which is a common condition in Canada. Below is the list of conditions where homeopathy has shown great results. This is not an exhaustive list and thus not limited to the conditions mentioned here.

It is believed that homeopathy treatment is slow. But in many diseases like diarrhea, minor infection, and fever it acts faster than other treatments. In chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, etc, homeopathy medicines may take time to heal, but they can eradicate the disease completely. Unlike other treatments in which the patient needs to take lifetime medications, homeopathy will bless you with medicine-free life after treatment. Homeopathy treatment never leads to unnatural changes and the patient feels healthy and fit through this treatment.

Mayank specializes in many conditions listed below with over 30 years of experience in India and Canada. He also worked with Dr. Batras in India, a leading homeopathic branch. Mayank brings his three decades of experience in homeopathy and cures various diseases through his expertise. Whether you are looking for the treatment of diabetes, thyroid, women’s health, arthritis, infertility, sinusitis, hypertension, hair, skin, allergy, asthma, migraine or children’s diseases, you can be sure that Mayank will treat it effectively.

General Conditions Treated



Bites / Burns

Chronic Coughs

Cold Sores




Eczema (Dermatitis)

Gall Bladder stone

Gastric complaints

Hair Loss

Hives (Urticaria)

Kidney stone

Lack of appetite






Seasonal Allergies

Skin Boils and Abscesses

Sore throat



Travel sickness


Specific Conditions

Women's Health

Candidiasis, Hormonal Imbalances, Menopause, Menstrual Problems, Sterility, Ovarian Conditions, Uterine Conditions and More.

Children's Health

Acne, Anxiety, Stress, Asthma, Bedwetting, Convulsions, Digestive Problems, Ear Infections, Sleep Problems, Skin Rashes and More.

Elderly Health

Allergies, Arthritis, Dementia, Depression, Eosinophilia, Old Age Problems, Weak Immunity and More.

Mental Health

Anxiety, Attention Deficit, Autism Disorder, Cognitive Impairment, Depression, Low Self Confidence, Memory Loss, Mood Swings and More.

Meet Mayank Jani, HOM, RMT

Mayank Jani, HOM, RMT
Mayank Jani is a registrant of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario in good standing.
Mayank Jani is also a registered massage therapist under the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Mayank Jani Specializes In


Mayank has treated many allergic conditions patients over the 30 years of his practice. He treats allergies to many things and conditions associated with them such as allergic rhinitis, allergic bronchitis, asthma, urticaria, and auto immune diseases.

Psychosomatic Problems

Mayank has treated many mental health conditions over the 30 years of his practice. He treats mind conditions like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobia, confusion, delirium, irritability and much more.

Children's Diseases

Mayank has helped many parents with their children's conditions over the 30 years of his practice. He treats children's conditions like bed wetting, tonsillitis, poor immune system, dermatitis, eczema, snoring, hyperactive child, and much more.

Skin Diseases

Mayank has treated many skin conditions patients over the 30 years of his practice and made them feel more proud about their self-image. He treats dermatological conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, vitiligo, acne, warts, fungus, lupus and many other skin conditions.

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I have been under treatment at Maple Homeopathic Centre for the past nine months for cystic acne which is pus filled pimples which also bleeds sometimes. Before this treatment, my face was terribly marked with dark colored pimple scars, and I was ashamed of them. But today I am proud to say that the scars have reduced to a great extent and new pimples have stopped erupting. Previously, I also suffered a lot of pain during menses which has completely disappeared. I am deeply thankful to Mr. Jani. -Reema
Reema Chaudhry

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We have tons of success stories with homeopathic treatment much like Reema's.

We Treat Various Conditions

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Women’s Health

Women’s health is a primary area of focus for us at Maple Homeopathic Centre. We know lots of women lead a busy life and thus resulting in chronic complaints lately. Homeopathy can help a great deal in women’s health.

Menstrual Problems

Many women across the world suffer with conditions related to menstrual problems. Irregular or missed periods, painful cramping, water retention, bloating, heavy bleeding and soreness of the breasts etc. Mood swings and irritability is also very common around the timing of mensuration. Homeopathy can help by assisting the body to balance the hormones and aid in accepting the changes that occur. Homeopathic medicine at Maple Homeopathic Centre in Brampton does not suppress diseases or disorders nor do they not curb emotional issues. They address them for a long-term satisfaction and  effective results.


Menopause brings a great change to the female body almost the same as first menstruation or childbirth does. Some women experience physical symptoms depending on their lifestyle, cultural background, family history and personal expectations. Symptoms may include hot flushes and sweats, headaches, loss of libido, irritability and anxiety, vaginal dryness, insomnia and etc. There is homeopathic medicine for anxiety, headaches and all of the symptoms. Homeopathy can assist with this period of transition by providing symptomatic relief.

Hormonal Imbalances

Homeopathy works very well in restoring the natural balance among women’s bodies especially those under immense stress. This discordance results in conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis and more. Homeopathy helps to heal these conditions by bringing about symptomatic relief and stabilizing the body.

Ovarian Conditions

Recently conditions such as endometriosis (where the endometrial tissue begins to grow outside of the uterus, often on the bowel and the pelvic organs) and fibroids (benign tumours of the uterus) have risen in female cases. These conditions are often linked to the emotional state and are often seen where there is conflict in relationships, creativity and reproduction. Homeopathy can help to alleviate symptoms such as bleeding, exhaustion, pain and urinary frequency.


Many couples have problems conceiving, not just males but also females. Infertility may occur for a number of reasons; homeopathy can address some of the underlying causes like endometriosis and fibroids. However there could be many other reasons such as tubal and pelvic diseases, sexually-transmitted infections, ovulation dysfunction, endometriosis, low egg count, structural abnormalities, autoimmune diseases, genetic defects, and environmental exposure to toxins and homeopathy can play a big role in mitigating the effects of these.

At Maple Homeopathic Centre we look at the complete physical and emotional health of a woman which may affect fertility. We also look at what is going on in their life at that moment including any stress or underlying fears about pregnancy and parenthood. Then we prescribe the most suitable remedy based off their specific need.

Infant’s health

At Maple Homeopathic Centre approach to paediatric health is not only in providing treatment for ailments but also in providing preventative medicine. You will find that Mayank is very kind and enthusiastic about child care.


Many babies experience colic. Parents notice that their baby is uncomfortable and may notice that the baby is pulling their knees into their chest or arching their back in discomfort. Mayank tries to understand the type of colic the baby is suffering from and gives an individualised medicine to relive the discomfort.

Bed Rash

It is common for babies to experience nappy rash. Often just the use of calendula cream will help, but a remedy is required if the rash is angry and very sore, if it becomes infected or is of a fungal origin.

Birth Trauma

Birth related trauma or difficult pregnancies can affect the baby. These manifest in sleep problems, constipation/ diarrhoea, excessive crying and more. Homeopathy can bring balance to these emotions and allow the baby to ease tension.

Teething Problems

​This is very common in infants. They cry with pain during teething. Diarrhoea, undigested milk is vomited, delayed teething, and more can all be helped with homeopathy.

Low Weight

Sometimes babies are slow to gain weight in the beginning, this can be worrying for parents. Giving a homeopathic constitutional remedy to the baby or a remedy that matches any additional symptoms can often give the body the push it needs, it may also be the case that this is due to breastfeeding issues that can also be supported.

Mucus and Flu

Many babies suffer from excess mucus, especially if it was a caesarean birth. Homeopathy can be used to help drain the mucus, increase the child’s vitality and support the lungs if there are any breathing difficulties.

Children’s Health


Eczema is an uncomfortable skin condition and may vary between itchy dry patches, and blisters that aggravate into sores and get infected. Generally conventual medicine approach to eczema is to prescribe steroids, which is not good for immune system. Skin conditions are indication that an imbalance exists in the body, homeopathy works well in identifying this and restoring the stable state.

Skin Rashes

A healthy skin is central to a child’s overall well-being and is essential for their emotional, physical and immune system development in the long term. Skin ailments can range from mild to severe and irrespective of their severity it is perhaps the most overwhelming ailment for parents to deal with as they often try several types of creams and dietary restrictions.


Asthma is common amongst children and with increased deterioration of air quality across the world it has become a common problem. A few children have allergic asthma where the symptoms get aggravated due to irritants like animal hair, pollens etc others may have more permanent symptoms. Homeopathy works on the genetic connections to first deal with the susceptibility and then a therapeutic remedy works to deal with the symptoms shown.

Autism / ADHD

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is getting very common these days and one finds many children on this spectrum with varying degrees of autism / condition. Some children have behavioral and learning problems and may find it difficult to relate to other people. Homeopathy works on individualized symptoms and thus it seeks to strip the child of the label and looks at what symptoms and behaviors are unique to them in order to support their individuality.

Sleep Problems

Children undergoing stress, experiencing bullying in school, amongst friends can easily loose sleep or develop other symptoms during sleep. Sleep problems simply manifest because of the subconscious mind and any experience in real life can trouble during sleep in terms of night terrors and nightmares.

Ear Infections (Otitis Media)

While ear infections are usually not serious, they can be painful and cause sleepless nights. Most ear infections occur when a child has a cold for a few days. For some children who are prone to frequent ear infections, we can help improve their immune system.


A healthy digestive system is central to a child’s overall well-being and is essential for their emotional, physical and immune system development in the long term. Homeopathy is the best alternative medicine for indigestion problem in children.

Recurrent Infections

Homeopathy has time and again proven to be very helpful in addressing the underlying susceptibility of children to catch frequent infections, it assists the immune system to restore the body’s innate fighting capabilities and restore health. Homeopathy for hay fever is also very helpful in healing.

A few more conditions where homeopathy can help in children. Bed-wetting. Polio. Convulsions. Rickets. Marasmus. Hay Fever.Anxiety and Stress

Elderly Care

Old age comes with certain challenges but homeopathy works really well for physical conditions, arthritis, and mental health of the elderly. The gentle healing and action of the homeopathic medicines on the body helps to relieve any acute of chronic ailments.

​Mayank has extensive experience of working with old age patients during his 30 years of practice. He specializes in Old Age Ailments, Dementia, Lice, Allergies, Eosinophilia, Depression / Stress, Arthritis.

Mental Health

Mental health is important for our overall well being. With increased work – life imbalance and with strained personal relationships, it becomes all the more important to keep oneself mentally fit, engaged and happy. Good mental health will make you ready for any challenges you / your family faces in life and also would enable you to enjoy each aspect of life.

Homeopathy is proven to assist patients suffering from mental illness and other related conditions. Do get in touch with us for detailed guidance on what conditions mental health conditions can be helped with homeopathy and for homeopathy remedies for migraines as well. Mayank Specializes in Insomnia, Mental Fatigue, Migraine, Hysteria, Anger, Fears and more.

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