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Please fill out the adjacent form to request homeopathic medication. We carry over 500 homeopathic remedies and offer them in various potencies and at an affordable price. We also carry high-quality brands like Dr. Reckeweg, Homeocan, Homeostasis, and St. Francis Herb Farm. These brands are either German or Canadian companies.

You can also visit us in-person or call us to request homeopathic medications.

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You can also visit us in-person to request medication.

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I have been under treatment at Maple Homeopathic Centre for the past nine months for cystic acne which is pus filled pimples which also bleeds sometimes. Before this treatment, my face was terribly marked with dark colored pimple scars, and I was ashamed of them. But today I am proud to say that the scars have reduced to a great extent and new pimples have stopped erupting. Previously, I also suffered a lot of pain during menses which has completely disappeared. I am deeply thankful to Mr. Jani. -Reema
Reema Chaudhry

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