Homeopathic Success Stories

I have been under treatment at Maple Homeopathic Centre for the past nine months for cystic acne which is pus filled pimples which also bleeds sometimes. Before this treatment, my face was terribly marked with dark colored pimple scars, and I was ashamed of them. But today I am proud to say that the scars have reduced to a great extent and new pimples have stopped erupting. Previously, I also suffered a lot of pain during menses which has completely disappeared. I am deeply thankful to Mr. Jani. -Reema
Reema Chaudhry

Homeopathy has helped many of our clients.

Homeopathic Success Stories

Maple Homeopathic Centre has thousands of satisfied clients that have had a complete recovery from their ailments. Some of them have shared their experiences with us so we can tell you about them! Browse more stories below and join us to share your story.

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Meet Our Success Stories Clients

Nitin Sona, Patient for over 1 year for Chronic Ear Wart

Few months ago, I came to Mayank’s clinic for my very long lasting ear wart. Mr. Jani took the time and trouble to listen to the problem very patiently and also provided solutions as and when required. As a result, my wart has decreased in size so much and will almost soon disappear. I am delighted with results and relieved that I came to the right place at the right time. -Nitin Sona

Arun Pandey, Patient for over 5 months for Psoriasis

I was really tired of finding no hope for my disease, all the other homeopathic doctors I went to were hopeless. Then one day, one of my wife's friend told me about Mr. Jani, a homeopathic doctor, who really helped her out with her Acne problems. Sol decided to pay him a visit. He explained to me all the details regarding my disease and what future steps I should take to cure this disease. He answered every single one of my questions really well with out hesitation and now I feel happy that I can trust Mr. Jani. I will recommend Mr. Jani to everyone and I am looking forward to meeting him next time to take my medication -Arun

Gurinder Singh, Patient for over 6 months for Dermatitis

I could not find a homeopathic doctor that could actually explain to me what my disease is, how to get rid of it and etc. I was wandering all over Brampton to figure out where to go for homeopathic treatment since it is the world's second best treatment. Then I heard an advertisement on the radio about this doctor named Mr. Jani said to myself what's their to lose and so I decided to pay Mr. Jani a visit. He is so far the best homeopathic doctors have ever seen, his medications work as effective as his mastery in homeopathy. Just in months, my disease, which I finally know the name of, has vanished thanks to Mr. Jani. His costs of medication are affordable to any family and work effectively showing substantial results. -Gurinder

Nigel Sharma, Patient for over 5 months for long standing Vitiligo

Having Vitiligo is so embarrassing especially on the hands. It takes a long time to fade away. My wife told me to go to Mr. Jani because his first appointment is absolutely free and his medication costs are not as high as the other doctors. I visited Mr. Jani and he really knows a ton of information on a ton of stuff. He really knows what he is talking about and explains it as if he was the teacher and I was the student. Due to his affordable medications and great confidence in homeopathy I decided to take his medications for a month. It showed great results, he even showed me the before and after pictures that he took of me, me and my wife are so satisfied. Thank you Mr. Jani -Nigel

Amjad, Patient for over 1 year for Chronic Acne

One of my friends recommended Mr. Jani for my acne. I went to the flea market to check it out. He prescribed me medications for a month and they were awfully cheap. And I was glad I went to him because the results were unbelieving. With in months, my acne was almost gone thanks to Mr. Jani and my friend. I am proud to say that Mr. Jani is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. Pat on the back -Amjad

Karan Patel, Patient for over 3 months for Vitiligo

My son Karan and I both had Vitiligo and I was afraid that something might happen to me or him, but Mr. Jani told me that there was nothing to worry about. He told me to take medication and give Karan the medication he prescribed and come back next month for improvement. The results were shocking Karan's vitiligo was going away quickly. Since mine was chronic he told me it will take a bit more time. I felt good that he was safe and within months Karan's vitiligo had disappeared. I am grateful to Mr. Jani for what he did and so I told one of my friends to go to him. She was pleased with the results too. Thanks from all Mr. Jani - Deepa Patel and Karan

Note: The names listed above are placeholder names to maintain client privacy. All before and after images posted here were authorized by respective clients and a consent was obtained to post them on this website. Any identifiable information from the images has been avoided to prevent breach of privacy.

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