Aspidosperma Q – Mother Tincture

Aspidosperma Q – Mother Tincture


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Available in various sizes. All the remedies are made in Canada and Health Canada Approved with DIN-HM numbers.

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Available in various sizes. Options are provided. The liquid bottle comes in an amber glass vial with a dropper. The drops can be taken with some water.

All the remedies are made in Canada/Germany and are Health Canada Approved with DIN-HM numbers. Brands available are either COAT (Center of Alternative Therapy), Homeostasis, or St. Francis Herb Farm depending on stock. These are all Canadian companies and just as effective as SBL or Dr. Reckeweg. The bottles will be packaged and sealed from bulk quantities, hence brand names may not be printed on the bottle label.

Natural health product for the whole family.

Warnings: Consult a health care practitioner before use of product and/or for dosing. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, ask your doctor first before taking this medicine. Keep under normal storage conditions. Avoid extreme temperatures (cold or hot). Keep out of reach of children.

Non-medicinal ingredients: Contains alcohol at varying percentages.


15mL, 30mL

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